★ Jewellery Care ★

  • Plated items must not be exposed to water and will last longer if taken off when going to bed. The IP plating is resistant but will tarnish quicker if not cared for properly.
  • Vermeil pieces have a harder, thicker layer of plating, so will automatically last a lot longer than standard plated item. It is still best not to expose these items to water when avoidable and if you ever wish to have the piece redipped we offer this service. Essentially, these handmade items are forever pieces.
  • Vintage jewellery is a lot older and sometimes with necklaces more fragile. We ask you to take good care of your heirloom pieces - however exposure to water is not a problem. 
  • Bespoke pieces: These are done on an individual basis - all bespoke items come with a guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with your piece of jewellery please email info@moontrap.co.uk to resolve.


Peace and Love 

Moontrap x